Building new friendships, Rebuilding lives

Have you experienced the loss of a spouse or partner? 

We are a social community focused on providing

Hope ~ Connection ~ Friendship

If you are looking to make new friends with others who really understand or be part of a growing social community where you feel comfortable, welcomed, and supported…. join us!

Widowed Friends is here for you.

Find Healing and Hope after loss

Join our community and discover new and rewarding experiences in an inclusive culture of understanding, inspiration and friendship. You will:

“Our lives are going to be different, there is no question. But this doesn’t mean we can’t find some happiness, some joy and make new friends. And it’s okay to feel that joy when it comes along.”
Stephanie, Founder

Empowering Our Members

Grief can leave us feeling helpless and confused. At Widowed Friends, we understand what you’re feeling because we all share the common experience of loss of a spouse or partner. We empower our members through:



It helps to be part of a social community with people who understand. Our Widowed Friends community helps move you along your journey and opens a door to a future where you can reengage with the world



We know it’s hard, finding those steps forward, and it can help to have some support and insight along the way.

Widowed Friends offers a social atmosphere to make new friends, along with a variety of helpful resources on the road ahead to rebuilding your life.



Each month we provide members with social opportunities to connect and grow. 

You may find yourself enjoying an online presentation with a variety of speakers and topics, participating in the monthly book club, playing virtual bingo, being part of our community volunteering or just chatting via Zoom.

With many ways to connect, our community is here to help.


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