Hello B.C.!

Hello B.C.!

We are delighted to report that we now have in-person, on-site events in Victoria.  If you’ve been thinking about joining Widowed Friends and are in the Victoria area, we hope you’ll get in touch and join Elise, Widowed Friends member rep, for a  coffee or tea get together!

Widowed Friends is just about to celebrate its 8th year anniversary in May and we’re delighted that our message is resonating with more and more people within the Widowed Community across the country!

From the beginning, our objective has been to provide a safe, social atmosphere for people who’ve lost spouses or partners, and who’ve made the decision to try to move forward and connect with others who understand the experiences of partner loss.

Our goal is to encourage members to find new hope and friendships and think about the possibilities of new beginnings, despite the unwanted life changes that have come into their lives. We provide opportunities for members to connect and support each other moving forward as we rebuild our lives.

Widowed Friends provides a combination of virtual events including peer support and monthly group sessions with a grief counselor,  guest speakers, monthly book club, travel resources and more. In some areas, where several members are located, we encourage people to come out and meet each other at morning coffees, dinners, and other events.  We’re delighted to be able to add Victoria to our in-person get togethers and we hope members in the area will contact us and meet up with Elise!

If you’d like more information about Widowed Friends or about upcoming activities and events across the country, please let us know.