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Widowed Friends is a community for people who have lost a spouse or partner.
If you’d like to join us, you’ll find easy to follow step-by-step instructions below.  We look forward to meeting you!

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Widowed Friends is a community  for people who have lost a spouse or partner.

We recommend that prospective members wait 2-3 months following a loss before applying to join our community, to ensure they’ve taken time to deal with the initial stages of grief.

If you require professional bereavement support, please contact your family physician.

Become a member

It’s easy to become a member, just follow these easy steps! 

  1. Review our Membership Options (see below), Terms of Membership, and Covid Waiver ( located in the right hand column)
  2. Click on one of the Membership options.  The Terms of Membership and Covid Waiver will appear for your review.   Please read carefully and then click I agree to continue to the Membership Application.   
  3. If you need more information, pls click on Questions? to send an email question to our team. We will respond within 48 hours
  4. Complete the Membership Application Online
  5. Submit your annual payment on our secure payment platform.  You will receive a confirmation email when your application and payment have been received.
  6. You’re done!  Welcome to Widowed Friends

Note: Prospective members  may be asked to attest to proof of loss.  Supporting documents can be, but are not limited to, a death certificate or obituary. 

Important Info

The annual membership fee is $75 within Ontario and $50 for distance memberships. 

Full membership includes access to both in person and virtual events, a weekly newsletter, Travel Club, and access to our exclusive Member Portal with lots of information and resources to support you on your journey.   

The Organizers reserve the right to remove any members who violate the terms of membership. Please review our Terms of Membership for more details.

Members who use our pre-authorized payment plan are automatically renewed. 

You will receive a reminder notice, one month prior to your membership expiry date.  The status of your membership can be reviewed on the member portal at any time.


Widowed Friends Within


For local members

  • In-person events
  • Virtual/online events
  • Travel Club
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Special events *extra charges may apply

Widowed Friends Outside Ontario


For members outside Ontario, CA

  • Virtual/Online events
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Travel Club
  • Annual Special Events *extra charges may apply

* Full and Distance Memberships are currently open to Canadian residents only, however if you are on Facebook, please join our private Facebook site to connect with Canadian and International members. Prospective members  may be asked to attest to proof of loss.  Supporting documents can be, but are not limited to a death certificate or obituary. 

Membership portal coming soon!

This section is currently under construction. If you would like further information about Widowed Friends or a membership application package please complete the contact information below.


    What Our Members Say…

    • "Joining Widowed Friends Zoom meetings is like walking into your living room and finding all your friends there!  It's been wonderful to have so many Zoom meetings each week to connect with others and feel a part of a larger community. "
    • Margaret H.
      I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that works so hard in the group for providing this network for people like myself and others.
      Margaret H.
    • Jill B
      I have never joined a group like this and was hesitant at first. I was welcomed and felt a sense of belonging and a real connection.
      Jill B
    • Alex S
      I felt alone and isolated due to Covid until I joined Widowed Friends. I quickly made friends and found others with something in common. They get it. I value the time, effort and support from the group. It’s a life saver.
      Alex S
    • Barb L
      Widowed Friends has helped ease my new journey into widowed life since we are all of like minds. It has helped make my life more meaningful.
      Barb L
    • Mark A.
      I can’t come close to expressing my gratitude and love for our Widowed Friends group.
      Mark A.
    • Margaret B.
      Being widowed, lonely, then moving to Oakville and only knowing my son and his family, Widowed Friends has been a godsend to me. With this group I met lovely new friends and this group opened up for me a wonderful new life with lots of social activities.
      Margaret B.
    • Don D.
      Since joining Widowed Friends, my loneliness and sadness, as a result of my wife’s death, have decreased. This personal change, is due to the warm interactions, offered to me, from the many widows and widowers I meet, at the socials. Thanks to everyone for your sincere caring.
      Don D.
    • Melodie S.
      I think it’s fair to say that Widowed Friends saved my life.  My husband died of a particularly aggressive cancer last winter.  The shock and tragedy of it shook all the joy out of me.  I was so very lonely… Widowed Friends threw me a lifeline when I was drowning.
      Melodie S.
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