New Hope

Widowed Friends is a community of people who share similar life experiences and who come together to enjoy each other’s company in a safe, social environment.

Our Focus

Our focus is on helping people feel comfortable and secure as they face the challenges of loss and rebuilding their lives.

Grief Support

Although we are not a grief group, we understand loss is a component of everyone’s experience and so we host weekly loss sessions for members to explore their loss experience in a safe environment.  We are not grief counselors but have learned that just talking out our thoughts and concerns can sometimes go a long way to relieving stress and anxiety.   We also have access to a variety of grief resources in the community who may be able to assist in the grieving process if a member feels the need to explore professional counselling.


Unique Offerings

We are a stepping stone on the grief journey and are here to help others find their way to new lives and experiences. We offer a mix of online and in person  events so that almost daily, members have something to attend from a restaurant dinner to a zoom presentation.



Our team comes from different backgrounds and life experiences, but together we have a shared purpose – to help widows and widowers along the path of grief towards a happy and meaningful life, while meeting new friends.

We know that through friendship and understanding, we are so much stronger than when we face these life experiences alone.  Why not join us?



We are in our 9th year and proud that over 750 people have been part of Widowed Friends during this time.  As an organization, we continue to transition and grow every year by finding new ways of connecting our members locally and now virtually across Canada

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