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Widowed Friends helps support positive changes to the well being of widows and widowers in our communities through inclusion and friendship.
Widowed Friends was created to provide a safe, social community dedicated to widows and widowers. This is a place to find meaning again within a community of friends who understand loss. The group's mission is to “empower widows and widowers to take steps to rebuild their lives and create more positive futures." The butterfly is our logo because of its message of hope and transformation. If you have recently been widowed or widowed for many years, we hope you'll join us.
October 2023
Welcome Montreal
June 2023
Not-for-Profit Expansion Nationally
June 2023
Welcome Winnipeg
May 2023
Happy 9th Anniversary!
January 2023
Text2Connect Program Launched
December 2022
Participation in Peer Groups Reaches 350
August 2022
Welcome Victoria, British Columbia
May 2022
8 Year Anniversary

Eighth year anniversary celebration!

April 2022
Welcome Calgary Members
May 2015
Widowed Friends Launches

First get together event for 20 people

September 2021
National Expansion

Virtual membership expanded across Canada

August 2021
Launch widowedfriends.ca

New website launch with exclusive Members only Portal. 

June 2021
Welcome Nova Scotia
June 2019
Memberships Growth

Membership grows to 225 members. 25 in-person events per month

March 2020

Transition to 24 virtual events per month via Zoom. Both social get togethers and guest speakers including peer support groups as well as monthly sessions with a grief counsellor

May 2018
100 Members!

Group Travel to Barbados and Italy!

February 2017
First Group Travel

Widowed Friends First Group Travel event to Barbados

December 2015
Christmas Gala

First Members Christmas Gala for 35 people

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