Newly Widowed

You can prepare yourself for death, but you can’t prepare yourself for loss.

Stephanie, Founder, Widowed Friends

Feeling overwhelmed, alone and struggling to make sense of what life ahead will be like?

At Widowed Friends, we understand what you’re feeling because we all share the common experience of loss of a spouse or partner. 

Just as butterflies go through stages of transition, we experience many different changes and transformations in life too.  Although we may feel at our lowest point now, it’s possible to learn to fly again with time, patience and hope. 

We’ve found that by connecting with other widows and widowers, sharing our stories and hearing others experiences,  joining new activities and being part of a larger community,  we gradually can see that new beginnings are possible.

At Widowed Friends, we offer a community that supports one another through the many stages of grief, healing and creating our individual paths forward.

Together, we can rebuild our lives, build new friendships and recreate a new life of purpose and meaning. 

Did you know?

2 Million

Widowed people in Canada

According to Stats Can in 2020, there were almost 2 million widowed people in Canada.


On the stress scale

Becoming a widow or widower ranks as #1 on the stress scale and increases the prevalence of depression, anxiety and social isolation.

Higher Rates

Of healthcare utilization and economic hardships

Widows and Widowers have higher rates of healthcare utilization and economic hardships than non-widowed populations.

What does this mean to you?

First, that you aren’t alone.  There are a lot of us out there and we understand the stress and pain you may be feeling.  Second, we are here to offer social connections to assist in your journey to a new life.  

We know how difficult it is to meet new people right now,  but sometimes stretching out, extending your boundaries, helps take your mind off your situation if only for a little while. 

It helps to be a part of a community, even if it is just an hour long walking group or attending a presentation on Zoom.  Each little step helps move you along your journey and opens a door to a future where you can reengage with the world. 


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