Are you a widow or widower looking to connect with a social community that understands the life changing impact of losing a partner?

Widowed Friends Community



Widowed Friends supports widows and widowers to help find healing and hope after loss.



We provide members with social opportunities to connect and grow. 



Connecting socially with others who understand and making new friends is what Widowed Friends is all about.

Building New Friendships, Rebuilding Lives

Widowed Friends understands the importance  of connecting with others and focuses on providing companionship, support and  resources for widows and widowers who are looking for ways to rebuild their lives after loss.

Widowed Friends – building new friendships across Canada

Over the last 9 years, we have grown our network of widowed friends to locations across the country. Explore our map and see our growing communities. 

Widowed Friends Membership

Being widowed can make you feel lonely and isolated…
It doesn’t have to be this way.

Join our community and discover new and rewarding experiences in an inclusive culture of understanding, inspiration and friendship. As part of our community you will:


Meet new people


Rebuild your confidence


Get support


Get social at in-person and online events


Get access to member only content


Make connections

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