Widowed Friends Association – Terms of Membership Agreement 


Widowed Friends helps support positive changes to the wellbeing of widows and widowers through inclusion, friendship, and an understanding of the unique challenges widowed people face. 

In order to create a positive and inclusive environment for everyone and to ensure that we all share in and understand the responsibilities of a membership with Widowed Friends, we have a established a Term of Membership Agreement that define our group’s core values and code of conduct to which we hold ourselves and individuals accountable. 

Widowed Friends is exclusively for individuals who have lost a spouse or partner and who can attest to Proof of Loss upon request. Supporting documents can be death certificate or obituary notice.

  1. Participation in the Widowed Friends community requires a paid membership, such membership to be in good standing.
  2. Widowed Friends members are to be courteous and respectful to all others within its membership population.
  3. Any attempt to solicit money from individuals with the group is not permitted.
  4. The  promoting or selling of  products or services and/or any solicitation of the group or its members is not permitted.
  5. No affiliated events or services are not to be promoted or advertised without prior approval from the Widowed Friends Executive.
  6. Any forms of harassment, intoxication, inappropriate behavior or conversations including bullying, racism, profanity or conversations of a sexual tone or discussions of a political nature are strictly prohibited.  
  7. In order to foster a safe and comfortable environment for all members, Widowed Friends asks that members do not attend in-person or online events while visibly impaired under the influence of non prescribed drugs or alcohol, nor become visibly impaired during an event. 
  8. Widowed Friends members come from different faith traditions. While we respect each member’s right to practice their own religion, any verbal or written communication or the encouragement of participation in their faith or rituals is not permitted within the organization.
  9. Individuals are responsible for their own safety and conduct, including their decision to share personal information with others outside the group.
  10. Widowed Friends is a community for single widows and widowers – we do not promote dating relationships within the group or allow use of our events for such purpose. We congratulate anyone who remarries while a member of the community, however, as the community is focused exclusively on widowed individuals, remarriage immediately ends membership in the group.
  11. Widowed Friends members acknowledge and agree that Confidential information is the exclusive property of Widowed Friends Association. The Confidential information will include all data, intellectual property and member information relating to Widowed Friends Association Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. 

12. Participation in a Grief or Peer support group, including the Text2Connect program, you hereby agree and acknowledge the following: 

  • I understand and acknowledge that information discussed or shared at a grief or peer support group  is not therapy or a therapeutic group, and that no member/therapist relationship is formed by my participation
  • I understand and acknowledge the Text2Connectprogram and the information shared by other members is not professional health or grief counselling services. 
  • I understand and acknowledge the information provided to me is educational only and does not constitute the provision of medical, psychological or other professional health or grief care treatment services. 
  • In exchange for allowing me to participate, I hereby agree to release Widowed Friends Ltd and their officers, directors, agents and volunteers (the Releases) and anyone associated with any  support group or program from any and all causes of liability, action, claims, demands, requests, damages or any recourse of any personal injures or other damages which may occur or arise as a result of participation in the virtual grief or support groups.  
  • I acknowledge and agree to the terms of the Release of Liability Waiver of all Possible Claims and Assumption of Risk voluntarily. 

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel a membership from Widowed Friends at our sole discretion for failure to comply with the Terms of Membership Agreement or if member’s actions/behavior are in direct contravention to the above terms. *Subject to change

  • I have carefully reviewed all of the Terms of Membership and all possible claims and assumption of risk.
  • I acknowledge that I fully understand and agree to the terms as set out above.
  • I acknowledge that becoming a member of the Widowed Friends community entitles me to participate in Widowed Friends activities, programs and services * and does not confer any additional status or rights in the Widowed Friends Association, not-for-profit corporate entity.  *subject to availability and locations.

 If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Membership, please contact us at admin@widowedfriends.ca

@2023 Widowed Friends is a name and style that operates under the Widowed Friends Association – Not for Profit Corporate entity