As the Widowed Friends community evolves due to Covid, the values and guidelines of the group evolve as well. We are finding new ways to stay connected including virtual experiences to help members remain safe with physical distancing

To ensure that we all share in and understand the responsibilities of Widowed Friends, we have Terms of Membership that define our group’s core values to which we hold ourselves and individuals accountable.

Please review the following and let us know if you have any questions.

  1. Widowed Friends is exclusively for individuals who have lost a spouse or partner and who can provide proof of loss.  
  2. Attendance at Widowed Friends events (online and in-person) requires a membership paid and in good standing.
  3. Widowed Friends members are prohibited from bringing non-members/guests to any event unless it is specified as an open event for guests.
  4. Widowed Friends members are to be courteous and respectful to all others in the group.
  5. As this is a friendship group, anyone who makes unwelcome advances to individuals within the group will be removed and no longer have access to WF activities.
  6. Anyone who utilizes this group in an attempt to solicit money from individuals within the group will be removed and no longer have access to WF activities.
  7. Any attempts to promote/sell products or services not previously approved by the Organizers and/or for any solicitation of the group will be removed and no longer have access to WF activities.
  8. Organizers will not condone any forms of harassment, including inappropriate conversations including bullying, racism or  conversations of a sexual tone. If you are found to be behaving in this manner you will be removed and no longer have access to WF activities. 
  9. Individuals are responsible for their own safety and conduct, including their decision to share personal information with others and to develop friendships outside the group. Organizers are responsible for event facilitation and management only.
  10. Any photos taken by members of other members at an Widowed Friends event can not be posted on a member’s personal social media site.  If a member wishes to share any photos taken, they are to be sent to
  11. If you choose to drink alcohol at any events, it is your responsibility to not drink and drive.
  12. Widowed Friends is dedicated to individual widows and widowers – we do not promote dating relationships within the group.  Although we are delighted when individuals find each other either within our community or outside the group, we have found that obviously dating couples may focus on their relationship and exclude the larger community of individuals at WF events. Many in our community are experiencing an ongoing grieving process and may not be ready to engage with partnered couples who are reminders of their own loss. It is for this reason that we restrict attendance at our events to individual widows and widowers only, unless it is specified the event is open to family and friends.  If two Widowed Friends begin a dating relationship and choose to continue attending events, we ask that they be respectful of the larger group by engaging with everyone. 
  13. We congratulate anyone who remarries while a member of the community, however, as the community is focused exclusively on single widowed individuals, remarriage immediately ends participation in the group.

We reserve the right to remove individuals from Widowed Friends if they do not comply with the Code of Conduct.

Thank you for your support.

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