“There is always a light if we’re brave enough to see it.  There’s always a light if we’re brave enough to be it”.   Amanda Gorman

Listening to Amanda Gorman’s message at last week’s inauguration of Joe Biden, gave many hope and inspiration. The words bravery and light stood out to me as I reflect on the journey of widows and widowers moving forward.

We need to find our bravery deep inside us to take those difficult steps in rebuilding our lives. With the loss of a spouse or partner, we feel ourselves in darkness and want so badly to find that light of hope.

We need to be so brave for many new challenges we face. Finding new social connections and friendships is no exception.

Friendship, understanding and kindness is a light for widows and widowers.

Members of Widowed Friends show great bravery. The steps you have taken in deciding to make new friendships, to participate and connect with others who share a common bond is to be brave.

I hope Widowed Friends continues to be a light for widows and widowers everywhere.

Let’s keep moving towards this special light bravely, together.


Stephanie Etherington