It’s looking like this pandemic thing is not going away any time soon and will probably be with us for a long time to come.

We hope that isn’t true and that a vaccine or other miracle solution will appear soon, but if an extended social distancing period is the most likely scenario, then what can we do to prepare ourselves for an immediate future of more of the same?

Here are a  few thoughts to consider about managing through Covid if we are in for the long haul:

  • Prioritize yourself: It’s important to take care of yourself so you are ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead.  The term self-care is a bit of a cliche, but there is truth in the notion that taking care of yourself physically and mentally helps build resilience.  Paying attention to good nutrition, getting enough sleep, ensuring you are hydrated and taking regular exercise can strengthen your body and mind so you will be able to adapt to stress and anxiety.
  • Keep things in perspective:  What you think about is what you become, so it’s important to be aware of your thoughts and try to change them when they turn consistently negative.   Of course, bad things happen, but if we stay in negative thinking, we might spiral down into depression.  If you monitor your thoughts and try to  reinterpret the negative into something a bit more positive, you’ll feel better over the longer term.
  • Accept change: We’ve all had to accept change that we didn’t want, so we are experienced in facing it.  While we may not want change, it is inevitable and rather than fight it , it is best to accept it.  One way to cope with change is to remind yourself about times from the past when you worked through  an event and managed  the change even when you thought it was impossible.  No matter what  Covid brings, you will find a way through it.
  • Build Your Connections:  We are fortunate to belong to an active and engaged community of people who want to stay connected with each other.  Chatting on the phone,  talking via Zoom or at a social distancing event helps remind us that we are not alone, others share the same concerns and we all have a reason to hope for a brighter future.  Be sure to let us know if, as a member, you’d like to take advantage of any of our socializing options by emailing us at
  • Encourage Hope:  We have often mentioned that one of the most positive acts we can do is to remember to be grateful.  It’s another thing that seems cliche, but in reality, gratitude is a powerful tool to keep your mind on track to be positive and find happiness and hope around you.

Together we will face the challenges ahead. Let’s  focus on keeping our spirits up and our hearts and minds open to change and new things.  Do you have strategies for moving forward and coping with Covid?  Let us know in the comments section below.