In January of this year most of us were looking forward to a new year, making plans for the next few months and thinking about the resolutions we’d made for the new year!  Little did we know that our lives would change so drastically and so quickly in the next couple of months!

Now that we’ve had a bit of time to reflect on the pandemic quarantine, is there any good that has come from it or any benefits that you’ve seen?  It’s easy to list off all the negatives, the sad things, the lonely things, but can we find any positives?

Here’s a few to consider…we’d like to hear your thoughts about what you’d add or subtract from the list, just add your comments below or email us at

  • Although we’ve not been able to meet in person, some people report that their relationships with relatives, friends and long lost people in their lives have been strengthened.  Whether by telephone, zoom or social distancing visits, people are finding the time and the space in their lives to reconnect with others.
  • With all the time we’ve had at home, have you found new projects, new hobbies or pastimes to enhance your life?
    Have you discovered any unexpected activities or hobbies that you will keep up after quarantine is over?
  • Have you saved money? Since we’ve had no where to go, has your home or clothing budget been eased with no where to spend? Are you looking forward to a shopping spree or have you decided you don’t need as many consumer items as you used to need?
  • In our pre-Covid lives, there were always things to do and places to go.  Have you found a new measure of peace and quiet in the enforced solitude of quarantine? Maybe as restrictions ease up, we’ll keep some of the quiet times so that we can slow down a bit and savour our days more.
  • Has walking daily become a routine for you?  Now that the weather has improved it’s a great pleasure to walk outside in the sun and greenery and get exercise at the same time.  Do you envision maintaining this routine going forwards?
  • Are you enjoying nature more?  We are fortunate in Halton to be surrounded by parks, gardens and wooded areas everywhere.  This year seems to have brought out an abundance of wildlife as well as beautiful trees and flowers and we have the time now to see and appreciate the beauty.

If none of these things ring true for you, that’s ok too.  Just managing through  isolation and quarantine is an accomplishment on its own without the need for developing any new projects or hobbies.  Let’s hope the worst is over and that we can gradually move forward to our new normal.  Stay positive, stay hopeful, things will get better.