In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis with so much sad and troubling news all around us, it’s easy to forget the tremendous kindness, generosity and good will from so many people in our community and around the world.

In the Widowed Friends group, many of our members have been participating in a telephone tree, keeping our physical distances but not our social connectedness.  It’s so nice to hear a friendly voice on the line and to meet new people that you might not have known before.  If you are a member of Widowed Friends and would like to join the telephone tree, please let us know at

Despite all the restrictions and the quarantining, people still reach out to each other and try to help in whatever way they can. You’ve probably heard about people shopping for groceries for others who are quarantined at home, people connecting with neighbours, friends and relatives they haven’t been communicating with for years and families who are finding new ways to teach and occupy their children as they remain together at home. It’s amazing how one simple act of kindness and friendliness to others can change our moods and lighten our spirits.

We hope you all continue to be well and are managing at home.  If you need help or just a person to talk to, don’t hesitate to connect with us or to the Halton Distress Centre to chat and share your concerns.

Here’s an inspiring story about a 99 year old British war veteran who wanted to raise 1000 pounds for the National Health Service and Covid-19 relief.  His determination, perseverance and kindness resonated with others all around the world and his simple act of walking his garden resulted in exceeding his goal to raise $15 million.