When all seems grim and day by day the sad news increases, it’s hard to remain optimistic, but even in bad times, there’s always room for hope.

It may sound simple minded or foolish in the face of so much fear and worry about Covid-19 to think about hope and optimism, but, dwelling in negativity won’t improve the situation and ultimately just invites in sadness and depression.  So what can we do?  Here are 3 experts with their insights and advice for managing through crisis. Let us know if their thoughts resonate with you in the comments section below.

Take a read of Margie Worrell’s recent article “How To Tap Into the Power of Hope Weathering the Covid-19 Storm.”  As her husband is diagnosed with Covid-19, she is challenged to maintain her sense of hope and optimism. But, by reframing a bad situation and looking for the good and positive in every day, she reminds us we can retrain our minds to respond to problems now and in the future, constructively, creatively and courageously.

Another viewpoint comes from David Suzuki who writes that The Covid Pandemic May be an Opportunity to Transform the Way We Live.  One of the most dramatic effects of the COVID-19 slowdown has been nature’s rapid recovery; cleaner air worldwide, fish and clear water in the canals of Venice and increased presence of animals in many places where they are normally not seen. Perhaps Covid-19 gives us time to reflect and rethink what we want from life and how we want to live it.

Finally there is David Bernioff’s recent article interviewing David Kessler who worked with Elizabeth Kubler Ross, the grief expert who developed the well known stages of grief concept. The article “That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief” discusses how the pandemic situation mirrors the stages we go through in grief, and how coming to terms with loss and change results in an acceptance and the possibility of finding meaning in even this situation.

So in this strange time of pandemics, fear and worry, try choosing hope when you are feeling down, choosing optimism over pessimism and seeing the future as a happier place, soon to be within our reach.  Take care.