Have the February blahs set in? With the weather fluctuating between spring and winter and the days still short, here are a few articles to take your mind off snow, cold, rain and cloudy skies.

First up is an article submitted by Dorothy entitled Grieving vs Mourning  discussing the internal process of grieving and the public process of mourning.  What do you think? Is the writer on the right track?

Next, an interesting article called 8 Tips To Help You Become Comfortable With Uncertainty outlining some techniques to try out when facing worrisome issues.  A favourite tip from here…..#3 Expect Good Things.  No matter the circumstances, when you expect good things to come, it increases the chance good things will happen, since expectations often affect how we see and perceive the world.

Another great article is  We Don’t Recover from Grief & That’s Ok, a good perspective on life moving forward and the permanent changes that occur to most of us after loss.

If you feel like getting out and about despite the weather, check out the importance of walking in this Zoomer article How Walking Fast Can Extend Your Life and this article Aerobic Activity Helps Your Brain!

Finally, if you are looking for inspiration to move forward through the month or through life, here are 10 uplifting suggestions from Paulo Coehlo author of The Alchemist.

Do you have any favourite articles or videos for this time of year? Just add them to the Comment bar below and we’ll pass them along.