It’s the day after Christmas and the build up is starting for New Year’s celebrations!  If you’ve had too much turkey and festivities and are feeling a little low with memories and thoughts of Christmas’s past, here are some suggestions to rebuild your happiness as you prepare for the New Year!

  1. Appreciate the little things:  We all get caught up in day-to-day business, the rush of Christmas, worries about life, health and family, but sometimes it helps to just stop and think about the little things that are good about your life.  Even if it is just the sun shining in the sky, the taste of your Christmas turkey or moments you shared with family and friends, savour it and appreciate its beauty.
  2. Go outside:  Yes it is winter and often dark and gloomy, but fresh air, a hint of sun, cool winds on your bundled up face can do you a lot of good. Just 15 minutes of a quick stroll outside or to a park, helps lighten your mood and feeds your mind with happy brain chemicals. You may even run across a dog that needs a good head patting.
  3.  Surround Yourself With Good People:  Happiness grows when you are around good people. These are the people you have fun with, laugh with, perhaps enjoy a meal together.  Many of our members have mentioned that coming out to a Widowed Friends event, meeting new people in a safe and happy environment, and enjoying group activities can make all the difference to the way they feel.
  4.  Stay Positive:  It’s easy to fall into sadness and stay there when you are a widow or widower. We suggest that although sadness remains, we can also look towards what is still positive in our lives. This can be hard to do, but if you start small, just changing something you think negatively about, to a positive, it will help lift your mood and your approach to life.
  5. Be Prepared To Change:  Change is inevitable as we all know.  We can’t fight it or wish it away, so we need a mindset that says we will manage through the ups and downs of life – and maybe even learn to enjoy the ride.

What are your happiness tips?  Let us know how you keep going and keep happy by adding a comment in the box below.