If you’ve lost a loved one, this holiday time of year may be particularly difficult or challenging for you as you see all the merriness and celebrations of this season around you.

We understand how you may be feeling and so will be posting some messages of hope and inspiration this month to  encourage you and, we hope, inspire you for the coming new year.

To start, here are 4 ideas to help you work your way through the next few weeks.

  1. Resist the urge to isolate yourself. It can be hard to push yourself out the door when the weather isn’t co-operative and it’s dark and cold. Come out anyway. Every interaction you have from a smile in a store to a chat at lunch or dinner can boost your spirits. Widowed Friends has multiple events from bowling to breakfasts and dinners out at restaurants or casual potlucks throughout December. Pick at least one event and join us!
  2. Journal.  We know this is a frequently suggested idea for lots of different things, but now especially, if you are feeling a bit low, writing in a journal can help distill your thoughts and clarify your feelings. You don’t have to share your writings with others, but if you keep a daily journal noting how you are feeling, what you can be thankful for and what you hope the new year will bring, you may find by the end of the month that you have gained a refreshed perspective from focusing your thoughts on paper.
  3. Give Yourself A Break. It’s easy to be caught up in the rush of the holiday season between decorating, gift shopping, hosting family and friends and other ongoing traditions. This might be the time to skip some of the usual chores and do only what you want to do. Life, as we well know, is short, enjoy Netflix and the occasional outing with Widowed Friends.
  4. Enjoy the Good Things. Even as you may be missing a person who isn’t with you this holiday season, try to find some happiness wherever you can with friends and family. Taking part in some festivities, having a glass of egg nog or enjoying some Christmas cake, listening to the ever present Christmas carols are all part of season. Enjoy the decorations and the lights and take heart in the warmth and the good wishes of the season.  Know in your heart that better days are coming.