A huge thanks to Kathy for welcoming over 40 members to her house for an appetizer potluck on Sunday.

Fortunately, summer decided to stay a little longer and everyone was able to be outside in Kathy’s beautiful garden.  Sandy and J.D. took advantage of the pool and warm weather and did a few laps to cool down while everyone else enjoyed the shade,  beautiful flowers and trees in the garden.

Dorothy and Stephanie worked hard in the kitchen to ensure all the dishes contributed by everyone were ready for the group  and many people helped with the cleanup at the end of the event.  Special thanks to Dorothy for preparing her famous “sliders”, a popular addition to the buffet!

The afternoon worked seemingly effortlessly thanks to Kathy’s great organization and generosity and everyone who brought food and assisted with serving, preparing and clean up.  Thanks to everyone.  Here’s some pics from the event.