Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to keep going, to persevere, to keep on the sunny side of life.


Dorothy recently found these words of wisdom from Carol Brody Fleet  about managing through loss that she wanted to share, and we’ve included some uplifting words from Eric Roth too.  Both passages sum up what we believe; change is hard but we must change to move forward.


Do you agree?  What’s your favourite quote about loss and recovery – let us know in the comments below.


Sometimes it is easier to just stay where we are.
To keep still.
Stay put.
Be quiet.
Suffer in silence.
Sometimes it is just too hard to even try to move.
Away from pain.
Away from misery.
Away from fear.
Away from doubt.
Sometimes it is easier to just stay where we are,
than it is to do what it takes in order to move forward.
Despite how miserable we may feel
by staying in a place of pain.
A place of misery.
A place of fear
A place of doubting
that life will ever again be good.
The reality?
We will remain the same
until the pain of remaining the same becomes greater…
…than the pain of change.
Change can indeed be painful.
But in order to move forward from the pain, the misery,
the fear and the doubt…
Change you must.
How does change happen?
It begins with believing that embracing life again
is not only OK for you to do…
it is, in fact, the right thing to do.
So beginning today…
Begin to embrace life with all of your heart.
Take one tiny step in the forward-focused direction
of your choosing
Just one.
Carol Brody Fleet