Our members come from varied backgrounds and life experiences. We are fortunate to have many talented people in our community contributing their creative abilities to the group including Eva C. (under the pen name Evans Vance) who writes poetry. 
Eva says 
“I started writing poetry  shortly after I arrived in Canada, at first it was to console myself after having arrived in a new country and away from my family. It then materialized further after having experienced many difficulties at that time. Reviewing my poetry over the years I can see how this has changed me, counselled me and eased my pain. It has made me a stronger and better person, it has also helped me move forward, especially after the recent loss of my husband.
Today, I can say, I write poetry because of my inner thoughts and feelings which, in turn, brings me great happiness and contentment. I also say, “my soul talks to me”.”
Here are 3 short prose poems from Evans Vance:

Stop, look, think just a moment….
Smile, assert awhile and start a new beginning.

How many times do we sit and ponder over what has gone by and, what has to come.
Moments of disparity relived yet, touched upon beauty in the horizon.
Hearing the still, small voice within and acting upon everlasting love
Surely, this is one of the many great moments of life and love to its fullest…. Awakening, revival, re-birth.

HIDDEN IN SILENCE       – a meaning
DEEP IN PASSION           – a tomorrow
LYING IN WAIT               – a song
In silence an unheard cry of sorrow,  is tomorrow a day in vain?
Or, is it a day of remembering the joy that sorrow regained.