We were thrilled to celebrate Widowed Friends fourth anniversary at the Millcroft Golf Club this past weekend!  We had a great crowd turnout for the get together and enjoyed some meeting and mingling, a delicious dinner and a wonderful afternoon to celebrate the anniversary.

Many thanks to our event hosts, Phil for sharing some “Mission:Impossible” news about the upcoming car rally July 28th and  Penny and Liz for sharing info about regular games nights and movie nights. Event hosts Peter and Sandra couldn’t be with us, but we are very appreciative of Peter hosting Friday brunches and Friday evening dinners and Sandra hosting bi-monthly golf events.  Thank you to all our welcoming and approachable hosts!  If you are a member, you can find out more about all these events on our Meetup site.

Thank you also to Melody for providing stunning flowers to the organizing team and to Frank for his kind words about the group and to Dorothy for putting together a lovely retrospective of the group over the past few years.

We are also very appreciative of our generous sponsors including Churchill Place by Revera and Gravitate Travel who provided raffle baskets for the event.  We also would like to thank Driving Miss Daisy for its offer of driving services for members. We appreciate our sponsors support and thank them for their contributions to our event success!

Here’s a quick video of Steph and Dorothy welcoming the crowd – if you’d like to join the community, pls note the email they mention at the end of the video is widowedfriendsofhalton@gmail.com.  There are more pics from the event below the video.



Here’s a few pics from the event – just click on any picture to open a slide show.