There are so many articles written about the increasing amount of loneliness people are feeling in these days of turmoil and change.  As this recent article in the Economist points out, the percentage of people living on their own has increased substantially over the past 50 years. Of course, some people choose solo living for the freedom and independence, but for many others, especially those who have been widowed, living alone may be a new and unwelcome experience.

There is lots of evidence that lonely people are at a higher risk of illness, addictions and sleep problems as well as depression and other mental health issues. So what’s a lonely widow or widower to do?

Well, of course, we recommend  joining us at Widowed Friends, if you are widow or widower feeling alone and isolated.  The first step when starting anything new is always the hardest, but we think that being with others, enjoying dinner or conversation with someone who understands the pain of loss, socializing with others, goes a long way to helping you through lonely periods.

If you aren’t in our geographic area, you can join our Facebook group site ( you will have to ask to join as it is a private group) and be sure to check back often on this site for news about the group as well as the occasional inspiration.

In the meantime, here is Dr. Brene Brown discussing connection and vulnerability and how opening up to new people and experiences enhances and expands our lives.  Let us know what you think about this video.