A recent article on Next Avenue entitled  10 Ways We Spend Our Time Waiting  caught our attention.  It’s true – we do spend a lot of time waiting for things – how much time in a day do you spend waiting for a friend to call, waiting to decide on some next steps or waiting in line either online or in person?

If we looked at all this waiting time in our lives, we’d probably find we’ve spent a huge amount of our lives waiting and doing mundane things. It’s astonishing to see how we use our time – here are a few statistics about what on average our lives consist of:

  • 11 hours of digital exposure a day ( this includes, phones, devices, computers, tv’s) equals about 160 days a year
  • In one lifetime we spend about 25 years sleeping
  • You spend 3.66 years of your life eating, about 67 minutes a day. The total amount of food you consume in a lifetime is close to 35 tons.
  • You drive a car for 4.3 years. In that time, you’ll cover enough distance to go to the moon and back 3 times. You spend 3 months of your life in traffic, about 38 hours a year.

What does all this time flying by mean?  When you experience a great personal loss, your sense of time may change. Your past may loom larger or you may feel the future is hazy and dark, but, if we refocus on how to use the gift of time we each have, we can take hold of life and move forward more positively.  Now is the right time to do more, live your life fully and appreciate the life you have. Take that trip, come out to a Widowed Friends event, try something new.  Spring will come soon bringing new life and new opportunities – what would you like to start growing in your life?

All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today. – Indian Proverb