Here it comes again, the season of hearts and flowers and love, a difficult reminder for anyone who has lost a spouse or partner. If this time of year brings you low, here are some things you can do to avoid all that Valentine’s Day lovey dovey sentimentality:

  • Ignore it. Change the channel, turn off the radio, put down anything related to Valentines Day
  • Stay away from restaurants before the day, during and after to avoid Valentine themed menus, decorations and smoochy couples
  • Take extra good care of yourself. Book a spa appointment, buy your favourite food and bring it home to enjoy (perhaps with a glass of wine?)
  • Stay busy.  This is a great time to start or continue a project you may have been working on or thinking about.
  • If you don’t already have Netflix or Crave, why not subscribe and binge watch whatever strikes your fancy or find a riveting book to read and get absorbed in an interesting plot.
  • Have a home event with other widows/widowers or singles you may know.
  • Focus on the future, not the past. Remember we are building a new life, not for the person we were in the past, but for the person we hope to be in the future.

Do you have a way of dealing with special days of the year that bring up sad feelings?  Let us know in the comments section and we’ll post your thoughts and suggestions.