Whoever came up with the phrase “hostest with the mostest” must have had Donna in mind!  We’ve had many great parties at Donna’s over the past few years, but Saturday’s New Year’s Eve bash topped them all. Many thanks to Donna for sharing her lovely house with more than 50 members and working so hard to make the evening a big success.

We really appreciate all the hard work that goes into organizing a large group event and we can’t thank Donna enough for her generosity, hard work and caring to each and every attendee. As always, Dorothy and Stephanie were the hands and hearts behind the evening and were assisted by a team of helpers including Penny, Joyce, Leslee, Robert, John and Lesley.

Everyone enjoyed a huge assortment of appetizers and goodies contributed by all the attendees, along with a little wine and spirits and a great New Year’s theme cake!

Here are a few pics -just click on any one to open the slide show.