Widowed Friends created a lot of warmth and light on Sunday night at our annual Christmas dinner.  Thank you to all 93 members who joined us and to our sponsors who provided so many great raffle baskets and chauffeuring services.

Here are some thoughts from a few members about the evening as well as some pictures from the event:

“A heartfelt Thank You to all of the Members of Widowed Friends of Halton for
a Wonderful Christmas Dinner with the most Loving, Kind and Supportive
Friends I have come to know.
The kindness and compassion shared amongst Friends fills our hearts with
Love………..The support shared fills our hearts with Hope…………and
the Friendships shared fills our hearts with Joy and Unity………
A very special thank you to Dorothy and Stephanie, as your tireless efforts
in organizing these wonderful events are so greatly appreciated.  You have
truly touched our hearts. ”

“Thank you to Steph, Dorothy, Penny, Lesley and others who planned and executed this annual holiday dinner. Good venue, good food and good service !”  Brian

“Stephanie , Dorothy …WOW !
All I can say that was a wonderful day !……thank you both for organizing !
Best buffet I have ever had …ever !!
Great location , and warm room to mingle in and the food was over the top! Thanks you two for all that you do ….nobody really knows how much you both put in to everything !
Love this group !”  Sandra