Last week, on a very hot day in August, we found this little flower, growing in an Oakville parking lot, alone, a bit bedraggled, but standing strong, despite the reflected intense heat of the pavement, car exhaust all around it, lack of water and the temptations of passersby just to pick it.

How could it possibly survive in such difficult conditions?  There’s something about this little flower that keeps it going, no matter how unforgiving the environment.

How did it come to be there, take root, and thrive? Maybe part luck, part chance, but also an internal strength and resilience that lets this little flower grow despite all the stresses of living in the middle of a hot, dry, dusty parking lot.

Like this little flower,  those of us who have lost a spouse, may find ourselves in an unfamiliar and challenging environment. Finding a way to survive and thrive despite what has happened is a puzzle we all face. It is a very individual experience – each of us goes about it our own way, in our own time.  There are lots of choice and variations on how to move forward, but the most important thing is that we keep going. Like this little flower, thriving where it really shouldn’t be, our life journeys are all about finding ourselves in a difficult situation and coping with perseverance, endurance, grace and hope.

Keep going.