Do you wonder if your brain is still working as well as it used to function?  Do you find yourself forgetting things or having trouble remembering details about a long past event?  Unfortunately many of us seem to feel that way as we age or at least worry about keeping our mental capabilities strong into the future.

Here’s an article that’s good news for all our Widowed Friends members – Like to Chat? 5 Ways Conversation Strengthens the Brain.  It turns out just having a quick conversation with someone or even looking at someone who is talking, activates our memories, improves our language skills and lowers depression risks.  With so many events on our calendar, Widowed Friends have lots of opportunities to practice their conversational skills and boost their brain!  Many members have confirmed the positive impact the community has made in their lives and how it helps alleviate loneliness and sadness, so a little chat with friends results in many benefits.

Another approach to brain health is exercise –  some of us like it, some of us loathe it.  Whichever way you feel here’s a video from Harvard that says some exercise is a huge benefit to brain health.  Check it out and let us know whether you agree or disagree or if you have other thoughts to boost your brain health.