Now the weather has cooled, it’s a great time to settle in with a cup of tea and a few good reads.  We have a few suggestions for you as well as a video that might be of interest to you.

The first article may resonate with you if you’ve had a lot of people say “I know how you feel” following loss.  In this article, author Celeste Headley reminds us listening is the most important tool when having a chat with someone, especially if they are in crisis.

Bouncing back in the face of adversity – resilience – is a key tool for recovery following a crisis or loss.  In this recent article from Monika Thaker, she lists the 3 things you need to practice to ensure you are managing through crises, including accepting the situation, practicing self-care and reframing the situation to find the opportunities for growth.

And for another take on bouncing back, here’s Sherrie Campbell discussing the 8 Magical Benefits of Resilience, with the number one tip being, be a part of a community!  That’s what we’re all about at Widowed Friends – building a supportive community for individuals who’ve experienced the loss of a spouse.  Together, we give each other strength and hope.

Finally here’s a TedTalk video -Nature, Beauty, Gratitude.  An inspiring look at all we have to be grateful for in our lives, especially the last half of the video at around the 4:10 mark.  Let us know if you like these articles and this video and if they have value to you by writing to us in the comments box. Enjoy!