We started with a wine tour in the basement at Cave Springs Winery , sampling a couple of whites and a red wine, learning how to swirl and sniff the wine before downing a glass.  Our expert guide from the winery led the WFH group on an interesting tour around the historic wine cellar and shared the story of Cave Springs Winery.

Following the tour, the group enjoyed a delicious 3 course lunch from Inn on the Twenty’s fixed price menu in a quiet private dining area reserved for us.  We needed to walk a few calories off after lunch, so a little shopping along Jordan’s lovely main street  worked perfectly.  Many of us purchased some Cave Springs wine as well, so watch for it at upcoming pot lucks – it’s delicious!

Thanks to Chet and Anna who volunteered to drive a couple of groups as well as members who came from some distance to be part of the afternoon. A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!