Recently, we posted some information about Acclaim Health’s annual fund-raising event Party With A Purpose. We thought it might be interesting to chat with Patricia Blakely, Acclaim’s Director of Community Services about how funds raised at the event will be used to support Acclaim’s community programs.

Q. Many of us are familiar with Acclaim’s bereavement support programs; what other programs are available that support the Halton community?

A. Acclaim’s Community Support Services help frail isolated seniors through friendly visits and telephone reassurance calls.  We also offer a home exercise program that helps increase frail seniors’ strength, balance and mobility.  We provide volunteer visits to people with a memory impairment and support to their caregivers. Most of these programs have a wait list.  In our hospice program we provide emotional support, community referrals and visits to people living with a life limiting illness and their loved ones.  And of course you know our bereavement programs!


Q. How many people do you serve within Halton?

A. Through all of our volunteer based visiting programs we supported over 1200 people last year.


Q. Is Party with a Purpose in support of these programs?  How will it help the Halton community?

A. Party with a Purpose will support all of the programs in Community Support Services. Funds raised will support our volunteer recruitment, training, engagement and retention. With more volunteers, we will be able to provide services to more clients and reduce wait lists. We also would like to offer new services such as complimentary therapies.


Q. What volunteer opportunities are available to members to support the community programs?

A. Widowed Friends of Halton are welcome to volunteer in any of our Community Support Services programs.  There are also volunteer opportunities in our Alzheimer Services.  Here is a link to our volunteer information on our website.  We welcome any WFH member who might like to spend a few hours a month helping out in the community.


Q. Do you envision the programs growing and expanding over the next few years?  What might they look like in the future?

A. As the population ages, we expect that there will be an increasing need for our programs.  We also are always looking for opportunities to benefit our clients.  We would love to expand our Hospice programs to provide more caregiver support and wellness programs.  In our Bereavement programs, we would like to offer a drop-in support group.  In our Friendly Visiting and Memory Visiting programs we are also interested in providing wellness programs and opportunities for group activities.


Q. Are there still tickets available for Party with A Purpose?

A. Of course! Check out more information about the event here. Tax receipts will be issued following the event. We look forward to seeing you – it should be a great, fun evening!