Widowed Friends of Halton (WFH) are travellers! In addition to the group that travelled to Barbados in February, another group escaped the winter weather and went cruising in the Caribbean.

Shirley R led a group of 8 who booked 4 suites on the Princess Royal leaving from Ft. Lauderdale, spending the next 11 days cruising to several islands.

The ship was home to 3500 passengers and had amazing facilities available including a variety of restaurants, bars, evening floorshows, nightclubs, movie theatres and a casino.

The cruise travelled to St Thomas where the group enjoyed wonderful jewelry shopping, then on to Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados and then St Kitts before returning to Ft Lauderdale.

Shirley reports all the islands had great deals on summer clothes, shoes and sandals, so the cruise crowd will be among the best dressed this summer!

The group enjoyed nightly happy hours on the balconies attached to each room, then split up according to which activity they were participating in the evening.

One of the best memories is the Sunday night that coincided with the annual Oscars tv show. Red carpets were laid out for the guests and ship staff acting as paparazzi, met the passengers as they came down the red carpet, taking pictures and asking what designer outfit they were wearing. Style by Winners came a few responses or outfit from Goodwill said a few, so everyone had a great laugh and then settled down in the large auditorium on board to watch the Oscars together.

Shirley R, a seasoned veteran of 8 cruises, said her favourite thing to do was to rise early for a buffet breakfast, then sit by the window relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the ocean.

She strongly recommends cruising as a great complete vacation saying “ after you pay for the cruise, there are no expenses except what you choose to buy at a port of call. “

All in all it was a great trip for newbies to cruising as well as cruise veterans. Several of the members enjoyed the cruise so much they have signed up for another next year.

Check out some pics – with thanks to Joan K.