WFH members were a diligent and industrious crew at Food For Life today. Arriving mid afternoon, the crew worked hard to sort and separate cans and packages and fill boxes with food to be redistributed to the hungry in Halton.

Food for Life is the largest food redistribution network in Halton, providing food for more than 200,000 meals per month – the equivalent to 2.5 million meals annually. As a charity that serves other charities, it supports more than 80 food banks and community food programs in Halton.

In just one afternoon, WFH volunteers sorted enough food to provide 2357 meals across Halton – an amazing feat considering it was only an afternoon’s work.

When all the food had been sorted and boxed, many of the volunteers retired to the local Artisano’s for a chat and light meal, feeling good about all they had accomplished in such a short time.

The next volunteer opportunity will probably be in June when large amounts of produce will be coming in to the Food For Life warehouse for redistribution.  Watch for more details on meet up, if you’d like to participate then!  Here are some pics from the event.