On these cold, dark January evenings it’s nice to have a little reading to distract from the chilly weather. We’ve been following a few different blogs and websites and thought you might be interested in some articles we’ve enjoyed. If you have suggestions or recommendations for reading that you think fellow members might enjoy, please add them to the comments section.

First up is one from one of our favourite authors, Carol Brody Fleet who often writes for the Huffington Post and has her own blog called Widows Wear Stilettos.  This article entitled Your Top Ten Widowed Resolutions for the New Year is a good one to review in January.

Next we have one for the anxious. Most people suffer some anxiety at one point or another in their lives and often following life-changing events.  This article deals with anxiety from the perspective of bomb disposal experts. It provides great advice on avoiding the rabbit hole of stress!  How to be calm under pressure: 3 secrets from a bomb disposal expert!

Third, another from a favourite author, Michelle Steinke from One Fit Widow.  Here in the Huffington Post she urges us to Consume Life – a lesson that we have all learned.

Finally, if you’d like to keep your brain in good shape, here’s 3 easy ways to whip your brain into shape! 

Let us know if you like these articles or can suggest others that our members might enjoy!