When you’ve lost someone you love, it’s hard to know which way to turn and how to cope with ongoing grief.  We ran across this article entitled Healing Your Grief By Helping Others  by Rhonda O’Neill and thought you might find its perspective helpful and interesting as you travel on your recovery journey.

If you think you’d like to try volunteering as suggested in the article, Acclaim Health is always looking for help. We recently chatted with Melissa Cameron about opportunities at Acclaim and our Volunteer page also lists some ways that we have found helpful for ourselves and the community. Let us know if you have other volunteer opportunities that we can add to our list.

Another good post we thought you might like is about coping with the upcoming holiday season. It’s always a hard time to manage when someone important is missing from our lives, and challenging for family and friends who often work hard at trying to make us feel better. This article called The Grieving Introvert and the Holidays by Megan Devine outlines strategies for the introverted person to cope with the holiday season and manage the pressures they may feel from others to participate.

If you have some favourite articles or books you’ve found to be inspirational and helpful, let us know by adding them to comments section.