One of the biggest benefits of membership in Widowed Friends of Halton (WFH) is how it brings together and connects so many interesting and talented people.



Henny  R has been a member of WFH for about a year, after losing her husband 4 years ago. If you attended the WFH anniversary event in May, you may remember some stunning fabric sculptures that were part of the silent auction. Those sculptures were the work of Henny, a talented fabric artist whose creativity and talent seems unlimited.

We thought we’d ask Henny a few questions about her artwork and learn a little more about her background.

Q. How did you get started in fabric sculpting?

A. I started out working with fabric in Holland many years ago. After we moved to Canada and we had a family and work to think about, I didn’t pursue it as we had so many other priorities.

After my husband passed away, I ran across an old brochure about fabric sculpture classes and I remember my husband urging me to take it up again, so with that in mind, I attended the classes and it’s just grown from there.

Q. You have an extensive range of artworks from sculptures to pictures to wall hangings and garden sculptures.img_4485 How did you develop such a wide range?

A. I just create whatever comes to mind. Sometimes I wake up at night with an idea and start work in the morning and a couple of days later I have a new piece made.

Q. What’s the process involved in creating fabric sculptures?

A. It varies depending on the size of the project, but generally I create a wire frame of the sculpture, cover it with foil and masking tape, then carefully add fabric strips ( usually cut up white t-shirt material) soaked in a coloured hardening material called Powertex. I then sculpt the fabric in the way I want it. Once I have it looking the way I imagined it, it has to dry for some time. The final step is air brushing it with paint, adding colour and depth to the sculpture I am creating.

Q. What happens to the sculptures after you complete them?

A. I have made many sculptures for family and friends and have sold many pieces as well. Recently I’ve donated a few for fundraisers. I live close to the Millcroft Golf course in Burlington and this year I’m providing golf sculptures for winners of the men’s and women’s tournament.

img_4901 Q. If a WFH member would like to see some of your sculptures or perhaps commission a sculpture from you, could they contact you? 

A. Yes, I’d be happy to talk with anyone who is thinking about providing someone with a unique gift or Christmas present. I have a photo album that displays many of my sculptures, which I would be happy to bring to a WFH event so people could see the range of sculptures. Just contact me through widowedfriendsofhalton@ and I’ll be in touch with you.