Sometimes The Road Gets Rough – contributed by Marjorie A.

Don’t be dismayed when you come to a pothole, a detour, a stretch of rough and rocky road. Don’t be surprised. Slow down a little. Be patient.  It’s not the whole journey.  It’s not the way it will always be. But it is part of your journey too, part of your journey to your heart and soul. Even when we’re living with joy and freedom, we continue to learn, grow feel experience.  And the road can still get rough.

Happiness doesn’t mean feeling gleeful all the time. Happiness doesn’t mean the road we’re travelling is always smooth. Happiness means feeling all we need to feel, and accepting each part of the journey, even the changes of course and direction.

Feel all your feelings. Feel your fear and frustration about slowing down, then settle in for the ride. You may not be going as fast as you’d like, but the journey hasn’t stopped. You are not doing anything wrong. You are going slower, but you are still moving forward.