There’s one thing we know for sure. When tough times arrive, it’s nice to have a friend.

At Widowed Friends of Halton, we understand tough times and we know that connecting with each other helps us take the first few steps towards finding new ways to continue on our journeys.

Some of us however are held back due to financial issues, feeling that we can’t participate in events or be a part of the crowd due to budget limitations.

With this in mind, Widowed Friends of Halton created The Rosie Fund, named in honour of our first benefactor, Dr. Flavia Ceschin’s mother.

The Rosie Fund has been created to help out those who have limited resources but still want to be part of our community. Dr Ceschin has generously started the fund off with her contribution and we are hoping that others will follow her example and donate to those in need of financial support, so they can be a part of our community too.

To contribute to the fund or to find out how to apply for funding, please contact Stephanie or Dorothy and they’ll provide further details.