JulieMany of us have enjoyed a Sunday afternoon at Taste of Colombia in Bronte, learning some new dance steps with Julie as our patient, knowledgeable teacher. How did she get to be a dance teacher and what does she enjoy about it – we thought we’d ask!

Q.  What is your dance background?

A. I’ve always loved to dance, starting when I was a child. I was introduced to Ballroom and Latin dancing in the late 90’s and have just continued since then learning more and more.

Q. Why do you continue dancing?

A. I started to notice how much better I felt both physically and mentally when I was dancing and focusing on learning a dance. I really wanted to share my love of dance with others so they could experience the same enjoyment and sense of accomplishment. One of the things I like best about dancing is that you don’t even notice that you are getting a great workout – you are just focusing on movement and the rhythm of the music and the exercise just happens.

Q. What are your favourite dances and why?

A. I definitely enjoy the Latin dances the most out of all the dances, because of the rhythm in the music. I feel the flow of the music. I am also enjoying Tango and appreciating the complexity of Argentine Tango. Music is the spice of life for me so I can’t say I like one type more than another. I like to mix it up constantly.

Q. What are your best tips for Widowed Friends participants who want to be prepared for a Sunday afternoon class.

A. My best advice is to be comfortable. Good comfortable shoes that have a bit of flexibility and are not too slippery are the most important thing. Be sure to wear comfortable casual clothing; something you feel good moving in. It’s best to wear light clothes as you can get quite warm after an hour or two of dancing. Come and just have fun, no pressure or expectations.

Q. What would you suggest people do who want to continue learning Latin and Ballroom dance?

A. If someone wants to continue to learn Ballroom and Latin, I suggest some private lessons with myself to get comfortable with more techniques and steps. A level 2 Class in Ballroom and Latin would also be beneficial and could be organized anytime by letting me know you are interested. I can also help organize some social outings to various dance venues for social, fun, and practice! Be sure to sign up for Widowed Friends First Anniversary Gala on May 15th so you can practice with your friends and try out some of the steps we’ve learned over the past few months.

For more information about Ballroom and Latin Dance, please contact Julie.